Three Missing Georgians Found Alive in Dagestan

Three missing Georgians who began a campaign in the Lagodekhi Mountains before New Year’s Eve have been found alive, according to an announcement from Lagodekhi Municipal Governor Kakha Jamburia.

According to a broadcast from Rustavi 2 they are currently in Dagestan. Jamburia stated that they had crossed the border into Dagestan and were suddenly arrested.

“They are alive after being arrested in Dagestan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will help with their return to the country. I have kept in touch with the governor as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who confirmed the information regarding the three missing persons in Dagestan,” Jamburia stated.

The three began a hunting trip on New Year’s Eve and it became impossible to contact them. Search parties as well as helicopters were involved but the bad weather presented many problems when attempting to initially find them.

Photo: Alexander Krull

Nina Ioseliani

08 January 2016 13:01