Increase in Infants Born in Georgia Compared to 2014

According to the Demographic Revival Fund of Georgia around 55,000 infants were born in 2015.

The data was announced at a press conference by Tamar Chiburdanidze, the head of the Democratic Revival Fund of Georgia.

She stated the information was received from hospitals. The full data will be published in February.

According to Chiburdanidze, 55,000 infants were born in 2015, 400 more than the previous year.

“It’s still unknown the exact correlation of genders for the Democratic Revival fund of Georgia, but the number of deaths and abortionsare low,” Chiburdanidze stated.

“We are looking for the full number of infants born in 2015, which will be more than in 2014, as well as a decrease in the number of deaths from 2014-2015.” 

Nina Ioseliani

08 January 2016 16:03