David Zalkaliani Appointed First Deputy Foreign Minister

Davit Zalkaliani, who in November 2014 resigned as Deputy Foreign Minister, has been again appointed first Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia. 

The MFA says Davit Zalkaliani was chosen due to his broad diplomatic experience. Zalkaliani was the First Deputy Foreign Minister in 2012-2014 and worked as the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in 2004-2007. During 2015-2016, he was Executive Director at the Levan Mikeladze Foundation. 

According to the MFA, Zviad Gonadze, who was the Director of State Service Agency Bureau in 2012-2016, has a great experience in cooperation with international donors and financial organizations.

Meanwhile, Davit Dondua, Davit Jalagania, Gigi Gigiadze and Khauna Totladze also maintain their Deputy Minister posts. 

David Zalkaliani resigned from the post in November 2014, when the Free Democrats, the party he is a member of, left the Georgian Dream coalition and transferred to the opposition.

09 January 2016 14:28