German Thrash Metal Band to Perform in Tbilisi

Tbilisi will host the German thrash metal band Sodom on January 23rd at club Triumph at 4:00 p.m.

Georgia is the band’s second stop after Zurich where the band plans to perform. The musical tour will begin on January 16th and will finish in the US in Miami on February 2nd.

Sodom was founded in 1981 in Gelsenkirchen. They achieved their first commercial success with their third studio album, Agent Orange, in 1989, as well as reaching number 36 in the musical top list.

Sodom remains one of the best-selling thrash metal acts of all time and has sold over one million records.

Along with Sodom, Georgian bands will play as well, such as Dimorial, Signs, X-machine and Tanelorn.

Tickets will cost 40 GEL.

Nina Ioseliani

11 January 2016 10:38