Georgian Domestic Dried Fruit by Skigi Now on the Market

Georgian domestic dried and farm delicacies produced by Skigi have recently appeared on the Georgian Market.

Skigi produces dried fruits from various produce grown on their own agricultural land and land purchased from locals. They produce dried fruit from kiwi, apple, tangerine, churchkhelas from nuts, hazel nuts and raisins, and Tklapis- traditional Georgian pureed fruit rolls.

“Before their final form, the products go through quite a lengthy and complicated process. The fruit is dried in a special drier through which the fruits are protected from insects and environmental impact, in order to maintain their beneficial properties,” Skigi Director Darejan Berdzenishvili stated.

The company plans to negotiate with a Georgian-Polish firm. Three people are employed at the company at this stage. Skigi was financed under the Produce in Georgia program with a grant of 5000 GEL.

Ana Akhalaia

11 January 2016 19:27