De-facto Abkhazia Joins Russia’s Sanctions Against Turkey

The de-facto government of the occupied Abkhazia region has joined the Russians in sanctions against Turkey following tensions between the two countries.

The statement released by the de-facto government said the possible economic measures will be formulated until January 20th. In particular, the so-called government plans to ban the import of certain goods from Turkey, impose control on Turkish organizations and prohibit their action.

According to the de-facto authorities in Abkhazia, the decision comes in accordance with the so-called agreement on alliance and strategic partnership with Russia in 2014.

Relations between Turkey and Russia have been strained since Turkey shot down a Russian jet in late November 2015. Russia recognized Abkhazia as an independent state in 2009, installing its marionette regime in the governmental institutions.

Turkey does not recognize Abkhazia’s independence, considering the territory as an integral part of Georgia. 
12 January 2016 16:35