Energy Minister: Concern Regarding Gazprom Wrong

Georgia’s Energy Minister has told reporters that the concern created in relation to Gazprom is incorrect.

According to Kakha Kaladze, the negotiations are very important for the Georgian side. He stated that this is not the first year for the Georgia side having relations with Gazprom, adding the existing agreement is reviewed every year.

“In this case, changing the agreement conditions is required – we would like to be paid some amount in return for the 10% volume… we launched the negotiations long ago. Several meetings were held but no final agreement has been reached,” Kaladze commented, adding that, for the past two months, they had heard many vague statements by so-called experts.

Meanwhile Georgia’s main opposition party, the United National Movement, has demanded the content of the agreement signed with Gazprom to be published. The party has announced it is to launch an anti-government campaign if the agreement is not publicized.

The UNM stated this step is a threat for Georgia’s energy security and tarnishes its sovereignty.

“Georgian Society was informed about a meeting with Gazprom representative Elena Burmistrova on December 27th in Zurich. The Georgian civilians know that the issue of gas supply is not a usual economic or commercial issue, but directly linked to Georgia’s political sovereignty,” the statement reads.

The Club, which brings together former senior Georgian diplomats, believe Kakha Kaladze should resign from his post.

In addition, several protest actions against the Gazprom negotiations have been planned this week in Tbilisi and other regions. 

13 January 2016 14:35