Rehabilitative Works on Mirza Gelovani House Museum are Completed

As part of the Government program, along with the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, Mirza Gelovani House Museum was rehabilitated in 2015.

The rehabilitation works have recently been completed.

The House Museum of famous 20th century Georgian writer Mirza Gelovani has been functioning since 1983. The two floor building has a balcony in front of its main rooms.

Building materials consisted of mainly stones and bricks, which make the composition light and soft. Damages on the building appeared shortly before the repair works took place.

Half of the building became deformed and there was roof damage caused by water breaking into the walls and damaging them.

Mirza Gelovani House Museum’s objects connect his life with his life’s work.

It has an ethnographic collection, publication of the poet’s works as well as things dedicated to the poet such as paintings, sculptures and photos.

Nina Ioseliani

13 January 2016 17:09