US Ambassador: Georgia’s Energy Security Important

US Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly told reporters Georgia should not become dependent on one source of energy.

The Ambassador says Georgia needs to care for energy diversification.

“We have expressed our concern over the fact that Georgia should not become dependent on one source of energy and keep diversification,” Kelly was quoted.

According to Kelly, they are satisfied with the explanations of the Georgian government. “I think Georgia does have a short-term energy need and it should talk to all potential energy suppliers”, the Ambassador said, adding that the government must be transparent about its energy policy.

Being asked how normal it is for Georgia to have relations with Gazprom, as its territories are occupied by Russia, the Ambassador replied, “the Georgian government can well realize the existent challenges.”

A public protest was held on Saturday near the governmental administration building to rail against the ‘hidden negotiations’ of the government with Russia’s energy giant Gazprom. The protesters accused the government of working against the state and national interests of Georgia.   

18 January 2016 12:14