Two Georgian Young Men Killed Fighting for Daesh

Two Georgian young men from Pankisi Gorge have been killed while fighting for the Islamic militant group in Syria (Daesh).

The Georgian media reports the two men were identified as Ramzan Pareulidze, 24, from the village of Birkiani, and Mukhmad Turkoshvili, 22, from the village of Omalo, Pankisi Gorge, Eastern region of Kakheti.

The Georgian State Security Service confirmed with that the two natives of Pankisi Gorge died in Syria, but declined to discuss details.

According to the existing information, at least 12 Georgian citizens from Pankisi Gorge have died fighting for Daesh (ISIS) in Syria.

Deputy Head of Georgia’s State Security Service Levan Izoria declared back in November 2015, there were “up to 50 Georgian citizens” fighting for extremist groups in Syria.

19 January 2016 14:30