Strawberry Greenhouse to be Built in Gurjaani, Georgia

A greenhouse for the strawberry variety San Andreas is to be built in Gujaani, Georgia by greenhouse farmer Izolda Kitesashvili and her family under the Micro and Small-sized Enterprise Promotion Program.

15,000 GEL has already been transferred to the project. According to the farmer there is a great demand for San Andreas strawberries. The breed is resistant to weather change, diseases and pests as well.

As Kitesashvili states, San Andreas strawberries are very profitable because it can be produced throughout the year. San Andreas strawberries can be kept for 2-3 days so they can also withstand transportation.

“This variety of strawberries is not available in Georgia. It is an environmentally friendly, unique product. Visually outstanding. Without the Drip System and the use of modern technologies we will not be able to produce quality products, so we will create all these conditions. I hope that we will satisfy the EU market standards,” Kitesashvili stated.

The farmer will employ a few people in the first stage and then plans to expand the family business in the near future. She has suggested the price for 1kg of strawberries will be 7 GEL. She also plans to bring in other foreign varieties of strawberries. 

20 January 2016 16:21