WSIB Working Group to Visit Georgia

The Working Group of the Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) is set to visit Georgia.

As the Georgian Prime Minister’s Press Office states the respective decision was made during the meeting held between the PM and the Executive Director of WSIB, Teresa J. Whitmarsh. The business environment in Georgia was discussed throughout the meeting. Particular attention was paid to the projects related to the energy and real estate sectors.

According to the Press Office, the strategically significant geographic location of Georgia was emphasized. It was mentioned that liberal tax jurisdiction and one of the lowest tax rates in Europe make Georgia attractive for investors. Whitmarsh noted that Georgia is developing steadily compared to other states within the region. She expressed interest to learn more about the investment environment of the country and invest in the state in the future.

The Washington State Investment Board is a leading American investment company that manages $107 billion US dollars worth of assets of pension funds and insurance companies.

21 January 2016 13:54