Georgian Kiwi Sells in Germany

Lidl supermarkets in Germany have launched kiwifruit sales in 2016 produced by Georgian company Nergeta. Georgian kiwis are sold in Bavaria, Swabia and Ruhr regions of the country which includes cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Dortmund.

The company’s kiwi plantation in the Samegrelo region in western Georgia was opened in 2011. The humid tropics of the region offers a unique opportunity to grow the green kiwi fruit.

Nergeta’s kiwi is of the Hayward variety and is exceptional in terms of Brix, dry matter, flesh color and taste.

The Lidl supermarket chain, founded in 1930, has 10’000 supermarkets across the EU.

Lidl is known to have strict requirements in terms of food quality and safety.

Nergeta’s goal from the beginning was to sell in the EU market. The company received the GLOBAL GAP standard recently, which is a certificate for Good Agricultural Practice. 

21 January 2016 16:21