Georgian Daesh Fighter Reported Dead

Georgian State Security Service confirmed the death of Georgian Daesh fighter Khvicha Gobadze in Syria.

The State Security confirmed the information, not providing additional details.

Reports of Gobadze’s death were spread through social networks. Before GSSS announcement, Gobadze’s wife posted on her Facebook page that her husband is no longer alive. Sali Katamadze posted a photo of another fighter too and expressed sorrow over his death.

Father of the fighter, Ilia Gobadze, told IPN, his son contacted his family two weeks ago. According to Ilia, they discovered their son had been killed via the internet.

“Nobody has contacted us. We know nothing. We found out via internet that he died. He contacted us two weeks ago. We ask everybody to leave our family alone,” said Ilia Gobadze.

Late November last year, alleged representatives of the so-called Islamic State (IS) released a video, which showed fighters speaking Georgian addressing the Muslim population of Georgia. The fighters urged them to support the Islamic Caliphate.Khvicha Gobadze was reported to be one of them.

25 January 2016 13:26