Georgian Prime Minister Meets Opposition and Civic Sector

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili met representatives of non-governmental organizations Tuesday to discuss various political and social issues.

The PM emphasized that the involvement of the civic sector in the governmental decision-making process is vital. “We want to establish an even more transparent system of governance in Georgia and to ensure the engagement of representatives of various sectors of society in the decision-making process. I want to talk with you openly and frankly about all important issues,” the PM stated.

PM Kvirikashvili updated NGO representatives concerning intensive processes currently underway and emphasized that ministers jointly scrutinize portfolios of their respective agencies to prioritize them on a daily basis.

Following on from this meeting, a joint presentation covering the activities of all ministries is set to take place in the near future to present currently prioritized activities.

The Prime Minister elaborated, “The top priority projects are selected based on three criteria: the degree of actuality of the issue for society, compliance with the Country Development Strategy, and existence of the resources essential for solving the problem. 3 to 5 priority projects will be selected for each Ministry and respective packages will be reviewed to single out 3 to 5 government-wide priority projects. This process will be finalized within a month.”

The PM articulated that to this aim each ministry conducts two meetings. During the first meeting, the portfolio and the top priority projects of the ministry are reviewed, while at the second meeting political challenges and responses are scrutinized.

The PM then stated that the respective priorities will be discussed with the NGOs in order to guarantee maximum civic engagement.

Prior to the meeting with the NGOs, PM Kvirikashvili met the inter-party group of non-parliamentary opposition at the governmental administration.

During his meeting with the opposition, he emphasized the importance of high engagement in political processes and expressed his readiness to conduct joint discussions over the ideas of inter-party groups regarding the election environment.

“We are more than ready to increase engagement in political processes. We are willing to establish high culture relationships. This is particularly important during the pre-election period, to demonstrate to our partners across the world that we are capable of civilized interaction, and even more, we can listen to each other and conduct exemplary elections,” the PM stated.

The importance of the above-mentioned is even higher since Georgia is in the process of association with the EU.

“It is crucial to leave confrontation behind and enter a format of negotiation,” he said.

During the meeting, it was also made known that regular meetings between the opposition and the government will be held, which “will enable the government to exchange opinions regarding election-related matters with the inter-party group.”

The Prime Minister also presented the representatives of non-parliamentary opposition with draft amendments abolishing the ‘vicious practice’ established throughout the years, “namely, Ministers will not be authorized to establish special polling stations at their own discretion.”

During the meeting, members of the inter-party group laid out demands regarding the abolishment of a majoritarian system by 2016 instead of 2020, however, nothing was finalized and the PM said the benefits and shortcomings of the respective matter will be discussed by the coalition, and the group will make a relevant decision in future.


Zviad Adzinbaia

28 January 2016 19:40