Tbilisi Metro Stations to Be Rehabilitated

According to Tbilisi City Hall, a large scaled reconstruction of Tbilisi Metro is launching. At this stage six stations will be rehabilitated: Akhmeteli Theatre, Varketili, Station Square 1, Marjanishvili, Liberty Square and Avlabari.

Rustaveli Metro Station will be capitally repaired as well. According to the project, Rustaveli Station will retain its architectural appearance. The interior and exterior will be upgraded, power and water transfer systems will be rehabilitated, security systems of telephone, television and computer networks, as well as fire safety systems will be completely reconstructed.

In 2016, the escalators of Avlabari 1, Tsereteli 1, Marjanishvili 3 and Station Square 1 will be renovated. It is planned to modernize 19 wagons. Their interior will be completely changed, the exterior will have a modern look, old lights will be replaced with LED lights, the conductor’s cabin will be equipped with a modern control system. Old mechanical and contactor details will be replaced with modern standard nodes equipped with microprocessor schemes.

2016 marks the 50-year anniversary of Tbilisi Metro. Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania hosted the event where Metro employees who worked there from the opening were awarded. Special certificates and prizes were given to the dedicated staff.

Fifty Six photographs depicting Tbilisi Metro’s history were exhibited in the lower lobby of the Rustaveli Station.

30 January 2016 00:48