Estonian Ambassador Honors Successful Students in Pankisi Gorge

The Ambassador of Estonia has visited Pankisi Gorge, one of the regions of Georgia inhabited mainly by minorities, to encourage successful students and give them books.

Ambassador Priit Turk travelled to the village of Duisi and on behalf of the Estonian Embassy donated a number of atlases, dictionaries and IT tools for students of the Roddy Scott Foundation Center.

The students had been chosen according to test results taken at the end of December. The best fifteen students, three from each group, were given different kinds of presents from the Embassy.

This was not the first time an Estonian Ambassador has visited the Center.

“Several years ago when the school started its work as an organization in Pankisi, the Estonian Embassy was the first to decide to help our foundation. All the staff, including former Ambassador Toomas Luk arrived and worked for two weekends to renovate rooms so the children from the RSF Center consider them the best partners and friends ever,” Lia Margoshvili, representative of the Center commented.

Currently the Center has more than 140 students learning English language and computer skills.

Margoshvili highlighted that in previous years, when Ambassador Turk visited the Gorge and saw the damaged school building which made it impossible to get into the class when it rained because the water leaked into the building, the Ambassador handed his own office space to the local children and promised to repair the roof and renovate the entrance.

04 February 2016 13:24