How Worried Are You By ISIS?

The Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Center of Research for the Study of Georgian Complex Development Issues organized a social study on 8-23 Jan, 2016, the purpose of which was to establish opinions regarding the threat to Georgia by the so-called Islamic State, particularly following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The survey of the population took place in Tbilisi amongst 381citizens aged 18 and above.

16% of the respondents consider the Islamic State as an extremely serious threat to Georgia. 33% consider it as a serious threat and just 9% said they saw no threat in it at all.

Yet the majority of respondents (42%) are seriously concerned about the fact that Georgian citizens also participate in activities of so-called Islamic State, and only 7% were not bothered by this fact.

32% of respondents believe that there is a need to tighten legislation on religious extremism and 45% trust that the legislation is strict enough.

1. How serious do you think the threat to Georgia is from the so-called Islamic State following the Paris attacks?

1.1 very serious 16%

1.2 serious 33%

1.3 minor threat 22%

1.4 does not represent a threat 9%

1.5 I cannot answer 20%

2. How concerned are you by the fact that some Georgian citizens are involved in so-called Islamic State activities?

2.1 seriously concerned 42%

2.2 not everso concerned 14%

2.3 not concerned at all 7%

2.4 I cannot answer 37%

3. Do you think is it necessary to tighten legislation on religious extremism?

3.1 Yes 32%

3.2 No 45%

3.3 I cannot answer 23%

Dimitri Dolaberidze

04 February 2016 21:23