Construction Company Dirsi Builds New Town in Old City

Georgia based construction company Dirsi is offering its customers a modern residential mini town in Tbilisi.

The company has declared a unique offer for its consumers – buying apartments in Dirsi town is possible with only a 5% co-payment – renovated and completed apartment from $670, ready to move into instantly.

“Dirsi offers a modern type living environment in the old part of city, where perfect infrastructure for delightful and calm life are mixed together.

“We support sports and healthy life – that’s why there is a perfect sport and children’s-entertaining infrastructure: an amazing boulevard along the river Mtkvari, bicycle paths, a fountain, sports and children’s recreational facilities, developed yards,” a Dirsi representative said.

Taking care to create a healthy environment, Dirsi is an eco-town – recreational zones exceeds the required standards by three times, energy efficient technologies and special packaging materials of the buildings give citizens the ability to make a 30% saving on expenses.

10 February 2016 09:28