Italian and Georgian Friendship, Retold in the Language of Music

On the 9th of February, in the Grand Hall of the Vano Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, music lovers had a magnificent opportunity to listen to the immortal music of living legend Kia Kancheli, one of the greatest figures of the contemporary music scene, performed at a concert organized by the Italian Embassy in Georgia.

In the first part, the player of the great maestro’s music- music written for Georgian films and theatrical performances -was Italian pianist Alessandro Stella. His performance, titled ‘Miniatures for Fortepiano,’ was accompanied by videos specially prepared for the day. The concert was meant to prove the friendship between the two countries and it proved to be the most gorgeous decision –proving friendship in the name of art.

Anticipation high, the wall-to-wall audience were greeted by the hyper-patriotic song Herio Folks (Herio Bichebo) – often referred to as the most emotional Georgian song, followed by the instrumental versions of Kiacheli’s film classics, and by the world-renowned theatrical performance ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle’ by Robert Sturua. Time stood still and guests found themselves in pleasant oblivion.

Gia Kancheli, the live classic, is the musical author of around 50 films, including the great film director Eldar Shengelaia’s ‘Extraordinary Exhibition,’ ‘Blue Mountains or Unbelievable Story,’ ‘The Eccentrics,’ ‘Samanishvili’s Stepmother,’ well-known female director Lana Ghoghoberidze’s ‘Several Interviews around Private Issues,’ and ‘When the Almond-tree was in Bloom,’ famous Georgian film director Giorgi Danelia’s movies ‘Mimino,’ and ‘Don’t Worry, etc,’ as well as animations, numerous orchestra works, amongst which can be counted: ‘Symphony No 4 dedicated to Michelangelo’, then a symphony No 5, ‘Symphony No 7 Epilogue,’ ‘Magnum Ignotum,’ ‘Trauerfarbenes Land’ dedicated to his parents, plus a huge number of chamber, opera and chorus pieces. Among the orchestra works prevail national topics as well as religious motives, and everything attaining the very climax of her majesty- Art.

Together with already classical pieces, Italian pianist Alessandro Stella also performed some new pieces of Kancheli, meriting a stream of applause. Afterwards, the New Georgian Stream Quartet played one more indelible piece of the great Georgian composer named ‘Chiaroscuro.’

The 80-year-old maestro, who was in attendance at the event, recently created new songs specifically for Nino Surguladze, the famous female mezzo-soprano who sings at La Scala and acclaimed by the leading stages of the world. This moment was anticipated most of all by the spectators – to listen to Nino’s divine voice and also to get to know the exciting new repertoire of maestro Kancheli.

Thank you Italian Embassy! We wish Gia Kancheli health and many more masterpieces.

Maka Lomadze

11 February 2016 19:38