Georgian Eyewear to be Sold in Spain

Georgian company Bros Eyewear will start selling its natural wooden glasses in Spain from spring 2016.

According to the company’s founder, Irakli Gamtenadze, there have been wooden glasses on the Spanish market for a long time. However they believe their glasses have a chance due to their high quality.

The glasses are made of walnut, maple and mahogany trees. According to the company director the products are not chemically processed and despite the fact the company is currently focusing on increasing their customer base, they are not planning on manufacturing their glasses in a factory, as the product would lose its unique nature.

Bros Eyewear glasses are sold from the studio where they are made and on the company’s social media sites. However, as Gamtenadze stated, the products will be exported to not only Spain but in the near future will also be sold in a shopping center in Georgia as well. 

13 February 2016 16:43