Unbelievable Payment Terms a First for the Georgian Real Estate Market

Residential complex Green Budapest – the project of international construction company Maqro Construction, is offering ideal and very flexible conditions to customers seeking to buy a new apartment.

Purchase the home of your dream by paying just 30% of the total sum in advance and then spread out further payments over the next 100 months interest-free. The apartments will be handed over on a turnkey basis.

The offer allows customers to use flexible terms of payment and avoid additional expenses related to installments with interest. The company offers a variety of payment conditions in order to meet the individual requirements of its customers.

Customers can even extend payments beyond 100 month to 120 months (10 years) with just 1.32% yearly interest or even 180 months (15 years) with just 3.99% interest rate. These interest rates are unprecedentedly low for the Georgian market. For payment in full the company is sticking to its offered discount of -15%. Customers can also get -15% discounts and make payments over 100 months with just a 6.55% interest rate.

Such an interest-free payment system is very rarely offered in Georgia. No other company offers such flexible terms as 100-month domestic installment without any commission fee or interest rate. The reason for this ideal offer is that we want our Green Budapest residents to follow comfortable terms of payment and simplify their lives.

The project is due for early completion- the complex will be ready four months earlier, in May, 2016, than forecast, representing another very rare event on the construction market. The number of flats in the residential complex is now limited.

Those who want to live in the city center, in a green zone, in an apartment constructed according to European standards, should grab this offer while they can.

Couples planning to start living in a pleasant and cozy environment should not miss out either. Nor should families, as the terms are attractive for those searching for innovation and maximum comfort combined. The offer is also interesting for families planning to purchase flats for their children in a safe and comfortable environment. The conditions are also attractive for those living abroad but wanting to invest their money in Georgia.

Real estate bought in Green Budapest is the best investment for a family that can be used for personal as well as commercial goals.

A landlord can rent out a flat and cover the installments by means of the received income. The only amount that the customer needs to pay is a 30% deposit. Alternatively, a customer renting out an old apartment can pay that 30% and live in the comfort of the Green Budapest complex knowing that the rent will cover their installments.

The Company’s conditions are just as attractive for organizations that have to work with foreign partners, as an apartment in Green Budapest will absolutely satisfy the requirements of foreign guests working in Georgia for the long term. The infrastructure with which the complex is equipped will create the best conditions for them to feel at ease away from home.

The Green Budapest complex is the largest in scale of the international Maqro Construction Company, a USD 45 million investment that is listed in the top ten in the country in terms of implemented direct foreign investment, according to the preliminary data published by the National Statistics Service.

Green Budapest is a residential complex covering 11,700 square meters and offering 351 fully renovated apartments of European standard, including: bathroom set, kitchen furniture and built-in appliances. The multi-profile infrastructure, green area, basketball court, skateboard ramp, running tracks, indoor and outdoor parking places and more are the main advantages of the residential complex.

The residential complex is located in the city center but surrounded by a recreational zone that is a guarantee for coziness and ecological health. The construction is being carried out using ecologically safe materials. The residents are allowed to choose the color and quality of internal-renovating materials. The territory will be protected and cleaned for free for a year as well as the gardens being maintained.

Hurry! All you have to do is live happily, and your construction company will take care of the rest!

15 February 2016 19:28