Pankisi Young People Apply for Contracted Military Service

PANKISI – Local young people in Pankisi gorge have been given the opportunity to serve in the state military on a contracted basis.

The region, which is sandwiched between the Caucasus mountains in Eastern Georgia and bordering Russia, is considered one of the sources for IS fighters.

On Wednesday, representatives of Georgia’s Defense Military visited Duisi village in Pankisi gorge and have started the process of registration for the young people interested in serving in the Georgian army.

According to Georgian Defense Ministry, Minister Tinatin Khidasheli has kept her promise and has given the young people of Pankisi gorge a chance to serve in the state army. A statement on January 10th emphasized this when the minister visited the gorge and local young people expressed an interest in joining the armed forces.

However the deadline for applying for contracted military service had already expired. Khidasheli decided to extend the deadline for two weeks, a deadline open only to Pankisi residents.

According to the Defense Ministry’s statement, those who expressed an interest in serving in the armed forces need to pass a psychological and physical examination after registration. They will then be enrolled in the preliminary preparation course and learn basic military skills over 10 weeks.

After they have completed the course the volunteers will be distributed to different military battalions throughout Georgia.

People between the ages of 18-35 and young people who already passed their compulsory military or contract based military service are allowed to be recruited into the military based on a four year contract.

Military personnel will receive 950 GEL ($400) a month during those four years. The salary increases based on rank, position and military experience.

18 February 2016 10:48