One Million GEL to be Spent on David Gareja Monastery Rehabilitation

TBILISI – The Municipal Development Fund sector of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure is set to carry out the rehabilitation of the David Gareja monastery complex, with financial support from the World Bank and Georgian Government.

The project aims to contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and to contribute to the development of tourism infrastructure in Georgia.

David Gareja is a rock-hewn Georgian Orthodox monastery complex located in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia, on the half-desert slopes of Mount Gareja. The complex includes hundreds of cells, churches, chapels, refectories and living quarters hollowed out of the rock face.

The project provides water, sewage and a power supply network, renovations of the cell facades in the monastery complex, landscaping the monastery surroundings and making a visitor center with parking.

The project will cost 1 million GEL and employ 30 people.  

17 February 2016 18:55