Tskaltubo Syrup Plans Exportation of Products

TBILISI – The Georgian company Tskaltubo Syrup, which produces natural fruit flavors and natural syrups, plans to export its products.

According to the company’s General Directo, Leri Mazmishvili, at this stage the company produces 12 types of syrup, plans to increase the range and volume of production and is expecting a large first order since Russian, Kazakh and Israeli markets are interested in their products.

Tskaltubo Syrup was founded in July 2015 and currently produces 6 natural fruit flavours which can be used for pastry, cocktails, soft drinks and different kinds of desserts. Seven liters of water can be added to one liter of syrup to create 8 liters of non-carbonated natural beverage.

Syrups are currently sold in over 100 stores in Tbilisi. Half a liter bottle costs 2.60 GEL with one liter costing 4.10 GEL. The shelf life is around 360 days.

According to the company, they expect support from the government and plan to expand their business. In the future they will also start producing natural juices.
18 February 2016 13:23