Head of North Ossetia Tamerlan Aguzarov Dies Aged 53

VLADIKAVKAZ, North Ossetia – The head of North Ossetia, Tamerlan Aguzarov, died on Friday aged 53, after a short battle with pneumonia at a Moscow hospital, the press service of the head of the republic released.

The chairman of the government, Vyacheslav Bitarov, was appointed the acting head of North Ossetia, TASS reports.

Since June 5th 2015 Bitarov was acting head of the region by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Parliament elected Aguzarov as the head of the Republic of North Ossetia on September 13th, and took office the same day.

The late leader was born on June 14th 1963 in the town of Alagir. He graduated from the North Ossetian State University named after Kosta Khetagurov and the Moscow State Academy of Law in 2004.
In 1995-1999 he was deputy of the Parliament of North Ossetia at the first convocation.

20 February 2016 17:39