Finnish Play to Premiere at Tbilisi’s Griboyedov Theatre

TBILISI – Finnish playwright Kristian Smeds’ Frozen Images will be performed at Tbilisi’s Russian-language Griboyedov Theatre on February 25.

Written in 1996 while Smeds worked in the Baltics, the play has been translated into English, German, Danish, Russian, Estonian, Catalan and Hungarian.

In addition to numerous Finnish productions, it has been performed by the Associacio Artitistica IndiGest in Spain.

The play is a described as a meditation on despair, negligence and vanity.

The cast is made up of students from the Griboyedov, Georgian State University and Shota Rustaveli State theaters.

Finland’s Jari Juutinen has adapted the play for its Tbilisi performance and will be at the helm as director. Juutinen currently serves as the artistic director of the Lappeenranta City Theatre.

23 February 2016 16:21