Meet the AlphaMedic Consortium Members

As part of the cooperation between the public and private sectors, three Tbilisi-based hospitals will be rehabilitated by investing about 0.5 billion GEL.

Namely, Tbilisi Children Infectious Clinic Hospital, the former Republican Hospital and the Universal Medical Center (the former oncology center) will be rehabilitated.

Georgian Minister of Health, David Sergeenko and Partnership Fund Executive Director, David Saganelidze attended the presentation of the medical clinics development project. Working meetings and discussions at the Health Ministry, with the participation of heads of the mentioned hospitals, were held on February 9-11.

Three companies submitted offers for the state-announced tender as part of the medical clinics development project. However, only the Austrian-based AlphaMedic Consortium submitted the right proposal.

The Georgian Health Ministry positively appraised the medical clinics development project submitted by AlphaMedic. “The high-level investors are interested in this project. In Georgia, the Consortium is represented by the world’s distinguished companies with numerous years’ experience and stable financial resources. They will combine and integrate the West’s best practices into this project. We will receive the best unity of clinics that will become the region’s leading complex,” representatives of the Georgian Ministry of Health said. “This 21st century project absolutely differs from all other previous projects.”

The Consortium provides a supply of health services and other options in the infrastructure field. It implements PPP Projects on a global level. AlphaMedic was founded in Vienna, Austria. The company will supply both medications and equipment to patients and various facilities in the field.

“Our Consortium is able to develop financially valuable projects. Other companies frequently submit their projects, but those projects are not valuable and balanced and therefore are destined for failure. AlphaMedic does its best to make its projects vivid and direct finances into the correct bed to implement realistic processes,” Leo McKenna, the AlphaMedic Consortium tenders development manager, noted.

AlphaMedic is a consortium of partners that operate in the healthcare infrastructure and service supply field. The Consortium develops projects for cooperation between the state and private sectors (PPP). The AlphaMedic Consortium members are Keppie Architects, The Health Partnership, MFK, FESP, which are famous for their professionalism and proficiency on the global level.

Keppie Architects operates in the healthcare, education and commercial sectors. Founded in 1854, the company has 100-year experience of operation in the hospital sector and records a history of PPP model cooperation for many decades.

The company is specialized in engineering management and development. From the recently developed projects we should stress Scottish major NHS infrastructural and Forth Valley Royal clinics.

All facilities of the company are oriented on sustainable development with a scope of constructing efficient, economic, long-term, energy-efficient and adapted facilities and complexes.

Moreover, all projects are special by functional and social component in that they call for a creation of job places and development.

The Health Partnership is a consulting company in the health sector that gives recommendations to government offices, developers, architects and offers the best solutions in the healthcare sector. The professional team of the company has implemented many projects in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland and many other countries in Europe and Asia. The company consultants have carried out USD 1.3 billion projects in the healthcare sector.

The company holds unique experience in implementing such health projects, where it has to overcome major challenges in terms of both medical equipment and developing investment projects and operation performance.

MFK, with 20 years of experience, is specialized in world-standard medical equipment. MFK operates in environmental, healthcare and labor safety directions. Consumer-oriented MFK provides the best offers in the field of medical equipment.

The company operates in the healthcare sector with qualified experts that, along with expert knowledge and skills, enjoy strong technological support in all projects. Besides services, MFK offers the models based on the best solutions that are adapted to the local interests. The company is oriented on developing cost-efficient projects jointly with partnership policy and this enables partners to develop business and receive the best results.

FESP has been operating in the field of production and construction projects since 1994. The FESP team is famous for models adapted to traditional and exclusive and special requirements worldwide. The company outlines specific requirements of the consumers, manages the processes and risks and provides absolute guarantee for achieving the determined goals. The very special methodology for process management enables the company to affect the final outcomes and business success.

25 February 2016 19:08