Georgian Author’s Book “Memphis” Presented to Italy

MILAN - Memphis, a book by Teona Dolenjashvili, was published in 2008. This year, the book was translated into Italian.

Memphis is the story of love, treason, death and the celebration of life. The presentations of this new Italian translation and Ms. Dolenjashvili’s visit to Italy were supported by the Italian publishing house and Georgian National Center of Books.

The presentations were held in three cities – Milan, by the members of Georgian diaspora; Pavea, with the support of the city’s mayor and Rome, with the support of Georgian embassy. In July, in connection with the publishing house’s anniversary, a reception in Naples is planned. The novel was translated into Italian by Manana Topadze.

‘In Italian edition’s foreword – and it’s both very surprising and very exciting – it is emphasized that the novel is a revelation and these are not just bold words. First of all, it is the result of the book having been deeply analyzed. The Italians say that Georgia, a country in the extreme east of Europe, has to be rediscovered together with its great culture, unique alphabet and a very interesting literature,’ Teona Dolenjashvili says.

In 2009 Memphis received Georgia’s honorable literary prize Saba in the Best Novel nomination.

Source: Georgian Journal

26 February 2016 12:39