Georgian Wine to be Sold as Part of UK’s Wine Society Network

TBILISI – Georgia’s Schuchmann vineyards will sell several of their vintages via the UK”s Wine Society network, according to the company’s Executive Director Ekaterine Javakhia.

Javakhia said Georgia’s wine association invited the society’s purchasing director to several vineyards in the country in 2015. Schuchmann’s wines were selected following tasting sessions.

The two companies signed an agreement on the shipment of Schuchmann’s wines on 2 February.

Schuchmann Wines, founded in 2008 as a joint Georgian-German endeavor. It specializes in wines made with traditional local and European methods using indigenous Georgian grape varieties. The company’s flagship wines are cultivated in specific micro-zones in eastern Georgia.

The International Exhibition Co-operative Wine Society Limited, which is more commonly referred to simply as The Wine Society, was established in London in 1874.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas Waller

29 February 2016 18:20