Animal Control and Capture On-Going

The crocodile, which was reported missing yesterday, was found today on the territory of Tbilisi Zoo. The reptile was successfully caught and transported to its new location. According to reports, one wild boar was caught and returned to the remains of the Zoo, alongside 3 penguins (7 penguins unfortunately died in the flood) and several bears. 
Unfortunately, some of the escaped animals had to be eliminated. In response to outcries of unecessary shootings, the Director of Tbilisi Zoo, Zurab Gurielidze, explained that even the strongest tranquilizers take 4-5 minutes to put an animal to sleep and when the animals are aggressively attacking, shooting them is the only way to ensure the safety of citizens. 

Dear readers, please note that incorrect information (including fake pictures of dead animals) is being spread on social media sites. Tbilisi Zoo Administration has stated that the rumours of lions and panthers running around in Vake-Vera districts are false and asks people to refrain from posting or sharing photoshopped pictures on social media.

Photo by Joseph Alexander Smith

15 June 2015 15:10