Georgia to Introduce ‘Innovation Strategy 2020’ from Spring

This spring, Georgia is to introduce a new strategy ‘Innovative Georgia 2020 – Innovation Strategy of Georgia 2016-2020’, which aims to expand the innovation market in Georgia. After reviewing the strategy within different circles, it will be sent to the government for approval.

According to the Head of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency, Irakli Kashibadze, the strategy includes objectives which will strengthen cooperation between the scientific and business communities.

The strategy focuses on introducing needed skills in pre-school, primary, vocational and university education. In particular, it is seen as necessary to introduce entrepreneurial and professional skills. As Kashibadze notes, many countries, including Korea and the United States, develop similar trends from pre-school age.

“Learning professional skills should start from higher grades and if students desire they should be able to learn some prospective professions. In this regard, the training of teachers plays an important role. It is also important to involve the business community in the process, which should contribute to the process of creating specialized laboratories,” the strategy layout informs.

As for vocational education, the strategy offers the so-called dualistic model, meaning that vocational education should be developed with the requirements of the business sector.

In terms of higher education institutions, the strategy states that mechanisms should be set up to ensure the establishment of venture funds for students in which a group of students will be able to decide itself whether to invest in a start-up.

The most important component is creating corresponding infrastructure- business incubators, technology parks and development Fab Labs, both inside and outside of the educational institutions.

The strategy also notes that limited access to financing is one of the main preventative factors in the development of enterprises in Georgia. Therefore, there is a need for both traditional and innovative mechanisms to be introduced to finance innovation at all levels.

Ana Akhalaia

29 February 2016 18:45