New Information but Search Continues for Missing Beka Buturishvili

New information has been released about 33-year-old Beka Buturishvili, one of the missing persons still unaccounted for after the weekend’s flood in Tbilisi. 

“Beka was going to Liberty Square from Vazha-Pshavela Avenue shortly after midnight through the new road. He called his friend, whom he was going to meet at Liberty Square. As the investigator has reported, he made the second call at 1230. Contact with him was lost afterwards. 

“Three cars have been found today, Beka’s among them. The car is heavily damaged and the driver’s seatbelt is unfastened. It is assumed that Beka has managed to escape from the mangled car. The cell phone and his ID papers were left in the car, however. 14 out of 24 missing people have been found, but Beka is not among them,” said Buturishvili’s friend Maia. 

Citizens who have any further information about Beka are urged to call the following number: 593 54 44 48.

16 June 2015 12:17