Guardian Source Accuses Georgian Police of Animal Cruelty

A famous British newspaper, the Guardian, has published an article stating that two of the zoo workers informed them about the police unnecessarily killing animals and then taking selfies with the dead bodies of the creatures. The news source states that the zoo workers specifically asked not be named.

A representative of the Georgian Government has already responded to the newspaper, stating that there have been no reports of the policemen taking selfies. As for the unnecessary killings, the Head of Tbilisi Zoo, Zurab Gurielidze said that animals were killed only when they had to be. He further stated that even the strongest tranquilizers take 4-5 minutes to put the animal to sleep and this is a very long time when a potentially dangerous animal is attacking, therefore elimination, in such case, is the only way to ensure the safety of citizens.

According to the Tbilisi Zoo Administration, none of their workers appear to have said the things The Guardian claims they did. The Administration firmly refutes reports of unnecessary killings and selfies with dead animals.

16 June 2015 14:49