Enhancing the Study of Georgian Folksong in the Regions

The International Center of Georgian Folksong and the Folklore State Center of Georgia have signed a memorandum on cooperation with the aim of promoting the choirmaster schools of the Folklore State Center, enhancing bilateral cooperation, and making efforts to preserve and develop folklore traditions in the regions of Georgia.

The Folklore State Center works for the upgrading of the professional level of young choirmasters and the International Center of Georgian Folksong is to supply regional choirmaster schools with unique editions and audio educational discs that will be handed over free of charge.

“It is of vital importance to save and preserve Georgian songs and traditional chants in the regions of Georgia. To this end we have undertaken a project that calls for opening more choirmasters schools in the regions,” Giorgi Donadze, executive director of the Folklore State Center, said.

At the first stage, Anzor Erkomaishvili, of the International Center of Georgian Folksong, handed over a collection of Georgian folksong music sheets and Georgian choirmaster monographs, biographies of singers, and research works on Georgian folksongs to the choirmasters schools in the Samegrelo and Guria regions.

“Based on this unique material, the students at the choirmaster schools that have been unveiled in 15 regions will be able get closer acquainted with our ancestors; the choirmasters, and songs of people who are no longer alive,” Donadze noted.

“Thanks to the Folklore State Center, anybody is now able to learn ancient Georgian songs and traditional chants. Gifted young people, after graduation from the choirmasters schools, are able to continue free of charge studies at the Giorgi Mtatsmindeli Higher School for Church Chants,” Anzor Erkomaishvili said.

“Having gained professional knowledge, they will return to the regions and will transmit the tradition to the new generations. Their support is very important. The International Center of Georgian Folk Song has published Georgian folksong music sheet collections and Georgian choirmasters’ monographs, as well as audio records of folksongs on CDs that are fragmented into individual voices to assist the learning process,” Erkomaishvili added.

On the Georgian government’s initiative and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, with the aim of saving, protecting and popularizing Georgian chant and song, in 2015, the Folklore State Center of Georgia started opening choirmaster schools at all municipal centers and self-governed cities in all regions. According to the information of the Folklore State Center, currently 14 choirmaster schools operate in Georgia. This will increase to 20 in 2016 with the opening of choirmaster schools in Baghdati, Oni and Tsageri Districts.

Representatives of the local self-governments promote and assist the centers in implementing the project and the students of the choirmaster schools are encouraged to take part in various festivals and events for the aim of enlivening cultural life and tourism in the regions.

10 March 2016 19:16