Plans to Move Zoo Set in Motion

Mayor David Narmania announced plans on Tuesday that the zoo will be moved to Tbilisi Sea and the area currently used by the zoo will be made into a recreational zone. 50 percent of the animals of Tbilisi Zoo, including bears, tigers and lions, were killed during the flood or in alleged unavoidable exterminations within the city thereafter.
“The River Vere was directed under the bridge where trees were cut, and this brought up additional ecological issues. The animals of the zoo also had problems. So right now we want to move the zoo to an area near Tbilisi Sea and create an additional recreational zone where the zoo is today,” Narmania said.
The idea of moving the zoo to Tbilisi Sea is nothing new, but as the original project came with a price tag of USD 200-400 million, the zoo was unable to afford the move.
The organization Citizen (Mokalake), which was created by billionaire and former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, commended the great financial support from the population following the flood towards constructing a new zoo. As yet there has been no news of how much, if anything, Ivanishvili himself will donate to the cause.
Photo of PM Garibashvili overlooking the damaged area.
17 June 2015 11:58