Georgian Cattle Exports Top $1 million in 2016

TBILISI - Georgian cattle exports to Qatar and Saudi Arabia have exceeded $1 million in 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture’s National Food Agency reports.

Up to 11,800 Georgian sheep have so far been exported to both respective Gulf States in 2016.

National Food Agency Ministry of Agriculture carries out veterinary checks throughout Georgia in order to induce the export potential of livestock.
“In order to ensure animal health, the National Food Agency continues to monitor and carry out vaccinations for a variety of diseases. This significantly contributes to the livestock’s safety and increases export potential”, Mikhail Sokhadze, Deputy Head of the National Food Agency said.

According to the Agricultural Ministry's statistics, the main importers of Georgian livestock are Iran, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

By Tamar Svanidze

Edited by Nicholas Waller

18 March 2016 19:57