Rose Revolution Square to Be Transformed into Recreation Area

Berlin-based GRAFT Architects, which designed and planned the refurbishment of the Radisson Blu Hotel Iveria in Tbilisi in 2009, are to undertake the reconstruction of the hotel’s surrounding territory. The company announced their winning of the competition to develop a proposal to transform Rose Revolution Square (Rose Square) on their website. According to their plan, Rose Square in the heart of Tbilisi will become more attractive to visitors with a new multifunctional public space offering a variety of features and facilities.

While currently Rose Square is only an in-between space used as a parking area, it has great potential. Specifically, the new Rose Square will consist of a folded surface. Floating above the ground, it will hover over the city center and serve as a connection between different levels and areas.

“Positioned along a slightly inclined surface, the new Rose Square creates a connection to the underground areas the square was built on during the 1970s. There will be new retail and restaurant areas and sunken gardens. A new underground pedestrian path will connect the Radisson Blu Hotel Iveria with Rustaveli Avenue. The design reflects the distinct features of the capital’s terraced topography and re-animates to date unused potentials of variating urban landscapes,” the project description says.

The main area at the very heart of the new Rose Square is conceived as an urban amphitheater, a platform for public and spontaneous performances. The area in front of the Radisson Blu Hotel offers the possibility to create water mirrors and fountains which will refresh the visitors during the hot summer months. Moreover, in winter, it can be transformed into a space for ice-skating, as seen by the success of the temporarily installed ice-rink this past season.

This second project by GRAFT in Tbilisi is expected to be carried out this year.

GRAFT Architects was founded in 1998 and has today become one of the most well-known design studios. It has implemented dozens of projects around the world and has won many awards, among which were Design Award of the Association of German Architects 2013, European Prize for Architecture 2011, International Architecture Award 2009 and more.

Eka Karsaulidze

21 March 2016 18:06