Armenia Suggests Creating Joint Regional Tourism Package with Georgia and Iran

Armenia is suggesting the creation of a joint regional tourism package with Georgia and Iran, says Mekhak Apresyan, head of the tourism department of the Ministry of Economy of Armenia.

Apresyan says Armenia is planning to develop new markets in the field of tourism and to create new tourist products, and enhancing contacts with Iran and Georgia will be discussed in this regard.

He explained that, taking into account the recent developments in Iran, Armenia is going in the direction of intensifying tourist plans and is offering to create a joint tourist product.

“It is possible that the project will engage Georgia,” said Apresyan, adding that the fact that Georgia has recently eased the visa regime for Iranian citizens has contributed to the potential of the project. “I believe that such cooperation can be useful for all three countries, as a result of establishing the ‘Tourism Corridor’,” he said.

Apresyan added that Armenia’s visa clearance procedure is quite simple and that a visa can be received in a foreign country, as well as at the borders of Armenia. Further, he said, taking into account that daytime flights are temporarily limited in Tbilisi airport due to the rehabilitation of the runway, Armenia airport is able and willing to take on all necessary passenger flow.

Ana Akhalaia

21 March 2016 18:08