Essential Oil Crop Production to Get GEL 3.5 Million Investment

Georgian company Green Village is to invest 3.5 million GEL in essential oil crop production in the Guria region of western Georgia.

The company plans to build a citrus oil processing plant on 272 hectares of land in Ozurgeti municipality, Guria, cultivate bergamot and bitter orange species on 60-60 ha land plots and use remaining land for planting and experimental farming of other essential oil crops, such as iris, jasmine, eucalyptus, camellia and laurel. The production will also introduce new breeds. In total, more than 150,000 crops are to be placed in the area.

Essential oils will be obtained from the raw materials in the company-owned processing factory which is to be built in Kobuleti, Adjara region.

The projected GEL investment will be spent on the purchase of planting materials, seedling growth, infrastructure, planting, equipment purchase, construction works for processing, a laboratory, and office buildings.

After implementation of the project, the company will employ an additional 45 people and 400 people during the crop harvesting period.

The company Green Village was founded in 2011 and its main business is growing and processing oil-bearing crops.

Ana Akhalaia

21 March 2016 18:11