Burchaladze’s Foundation Focuses on Economic Relations with the US

Former famous opera singer, Paata Burchuladze, is currently conducting a number of high-ranking meetings with local authorities in the United States (US). The head of ‘Paata Burchuladze – Georgia Development Fund’ also announced the opening of the Foundation’s office in Washington. Burchuladze claimed that one of the main priorities for his Foundation will be establishing better economic and trade relations with the US.

In the framework of the working visit, Burchuladze held a series of meetings with senators and representatives of the US Atlantic Council, civil society and business in which they discussed significant issues such as Georgia’s justice system, the transparency of government activities, foreign trade and the country’s ability to attract foreign direct investment, agriculture, education, science, innovation development, as well as Georgia’s participation in peacekeeping missions.

Burchuladze assessed the meetings as very productive and said that the US side had expressed great interest in what is happening in Georgia. “Ratification of the Document on Free Trade with the United States will contribute to the deepening of trade and economic relations between the two countries. This will help to attract foreign investment and strengthen Georgia’s position in the international arena, as a strategic partner of the US,” stated Burchuladze at his meeting with senator Cory Gardner.

In addition, Burchuladze also introduced the authorities to the aim of the creation and mission of his Foundation. “I want Georgia to choose freely and in an educated way. That is why I ended my operatic career and created a foundation which will unite the Georgian community and contribute to the economic growth of the country,” he said.

Paata Burchuladze launched his social and political Foundation in December 2015 to “finish an era of fear and unprofessionalism in the country.” Moreover, Burchuladze himself does not exclude that the Foundation may become a political party and take part in the parliamentary elections in October 2016, “if the country needs it”.

The former opera singer has already opened the first US office of the ‘Paata Burchuladze – Georgia Development Fund’ in Washington and plans to create another in Los Angeles.

Eka Karsaulidze

21 March 2016 18:14