Georgian Delta Plans to Export Flak Jackets and Helmets

Georgian Military Scientific-Technical Center (STC) ‘Delta’ plans to export its flak jackets and helmets, before which it will be able to fully meet the requirements of the Georgian army.

According to STC Delta, the company’s production capacity will fully meet the needs of the Georgian Armed Forces who will be supplied with STC Delta produced flak jackets and helmets as ordered by the Georgian Ministry of Defense.

“In the near future another Georgian battalion will leave for Afghanistan and it will be the first unit to have equipment produced in Georgia,” states STC Delta.

In the process of creating individual protection systems, STC Delta’s specialists took into account international standards and requirements of the military unit. The technology has been improved and new products have a much higher standard.

STC Delta is engaged in the Defense Industry and provides technical support for the Georgian Armed Forces concerning ammunition, military vehicles, specialized buildings and fortifications, implementation/application of new weapons systems and their subsequent support, humanitarian demining and demilitarization works.

The main mission of STC Delta originated from the state interest of Georgia and their national defensive strategy. The main task of the Center is facilitation of the development of the national military industry, design-implementation in the production of up-to-date and innovative military technology, design, creation and serial production of combat equipment and armament that meets the requirements of world tendency.

Ana Akhalaia

21 March 2016 18:21