Georgia Rated Least Happy Post-Soviet Country

TBILISI – According to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions 2016 World Happiness Report, Georgia ranked dead last as the least happy country in the former Soviet Union.

Georgia scored at the bottom in all categories of social support, which is defined by the study as “having someone to count on in times of trouble” and in terms of personal generosity.

According to the study, Georgia’s happiness level from 2013–2015 is significantly higher than in the period 2005–2007.

Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan were ranked the happiest of the former Soviet republics, while Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia closed out the top five.

Denmark and Switzerland were listed by the study as the two happiest countries on Earth. Iceland, Norway and Finland followed, while the US was ranked 13th and Germany 16th in the world.

First published in 2012, the World Happiness Report measures the well being of countries based on income, health, family and friends, amid the broader institutional and social context. Other indicators include subjective perceptions of freedom, generosity and levels of corruption.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas Waller

Photo: JumpStart Georgia

21 March 2016 20:11