Innovative trash Bins to be Placed in Tbilisi

TBILISI – The technology Development Fund plans to place innovative trash bins in Tbilisi, Georgia as part of the project which envisages the rehabilitation of Kargareteli Street in the city.

“Facades are being rehabilitated on Kargareteli Street. New plants will be planted and solar-powered street lights will be installed. Innovative trash bins will be placed, which will be able to contain more solid waste by compressing garbage automatically. Garbage transporting vehicles will need to empty these innovative bins once or twice a day. So this street will be less busy,” Giorgi Gabidzashvili,  head of Administrative Service for the fund commented.

The project will also install solar-powered devices on bus stops for charging mobile phones.

According to Gabidzashvili, at this stage, the project is filed for examination by the National Forensics Bureau, after completion of which, the tender will be announced.

The project is scheduled for the autumn and is set to be carried out by the Technology Development Fund.

24 March 2016 18:17