Female Painter’s Talent, a Tasteful Mix of Georgian Folk Traditions and Innovations

It is not possible to witness the rich palette of colors embodied in her dresses, coats and mats, or to catch a glimpse of her compositions, and not to become intrigued by Tina Kldiashvili’s persona. The exhibition ‘Kaleidoscope’ took place on March 18-23 at Tbilisi History Museum under the Georgian National Museum umbrella, revealing her latest works and resulting in high interest and unanimous admiration.

The exposition showcased 24 works by the artist that were displayed to the public for the first time. Among them were 7 works in felt, 7 silk papers and 10 costumes which Kldiashvili created in 6 months and united under one idea, the ‘Kaleidoscope’ of life.

Tina Kldiashvili graduated the Apolon Kutateladze State Academy of Arts. She was a rector of the Academy and now she is the Dean of the Design Faculty. For many years, she has worked as a teacher and is involved in a variety of educational and exhibition projects.

Under Kldiashvili’s leadership, the manufacturing technology of the Georgian historic Blue Tablecloth has been restored, contributing to the promotion of folk arts. She also works with felt, Gobelin/tapestry and batik and also synthesizes various technologies.

She has participated in exhibitions in Georgia, France, Italy, Germany, USA and Canada. In Bulgaria and the US, not only were her works exhibited, but the displays were followed by fashion shows of her garments. She also actively takes part in folk art symposiums and conferences.

“This is my job, my creative work, my way. I’m always inspired. Several years ago, I started working on and developing new technologies. I opened a school and taught youngsters even outside it. I really wanted to create something new. I would qualify my works as synthesized felt,” the artist told us, adding that she has also used print technologies.

Ketevan Trapaidze, Manager of Educational Direction of the Tbilisi History Museum told GEORGIA TODAY, “Tina Kldiashvili is a distinguished painter who is well known in respected circles not only in Georgia but also in the West. Today’s exposition, as always, very distinctly conveys a positive disposition, which spreads all over the guests. You can see how full the exhibition hall is. I can ensure you that this is the case at each of her expositions. Tina Kldiashvili is very well acquainted with the Georgian folk traditions, but always adds an innovation of her own.”

Ketevan Pkhakadze, architect, was one of the many guests in rapture at the exhibition. “These artworks are created with the highest level of professionalism. The artist holds exhibitions annually and she never repeats herself. She always manages to astonish the viewer. Her garments are so delicate and subtle – the most beautiful mixture of conservative traditions and modernity. I am enjoying the exhibition immensely and wish as many people to come as possible to see what good and exquisite artists we have,” she told GEORGIA TODAY.

Maka Lomadze

24 March 2016 21:00