Volunteers Protest Parking Violations on Tbilisi’s Pavements

TBILISI - A group of volunteers held a rally late last week to protest the rampant parking and road violations that occur on the pavements of the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

The protestors demanded that the police enforce the existing laws on pedestrian rights and issue fines to those who violate the regulations. T

hey later took to Tbilisi’s streets and proceeded to tag illegally parked cars with stickers demanding that the vehicle be moved.

At least 90 people have died and another 3,834 injured in the last year due to traffic related accidents in Tbilisi.

In an effort to stem the number of lethal incidents, the Ministry of Internal Affairs launched a public service campaign in 2015 to increase awareness about road safety.

The event was organized by numerous non-profit organizations that hope to improve Georgia’s notoriously poor traffic conditions,

The organizers included the Alliance for Safety Roads, Partnership Fund for Safe Roads, Georgian Automobile Federation, Georgian Red Cross Society, Georgian Sports Cars Federation, Transparency International Georgia, Go on Foot, Association of Roads and Transport and Kia Motors.

By Tamar Svanidze
Edited by Nicholas Waller

29 March 2016 20:30