Georgian Wine Pavilion Opens in China

TBILISI - A wine pavilion has opened in China’s southeast Jiangxi province as part of a cooperation with one of the country’s main importers of Georgian wine, Xinjiang Beifaing Jianda Trade Co., and Georgia’s National Wine Agency.

Officials from Tbilisi provided the center with promotional materials highlighting the history and uniqueness of Georgian wine. The wine association also provided several large terracotta vessels known as qvevri in Georgian; the type used in Georgia’s traditional wine making methods.

Wine-related artifacts and replicas of early 20th century Georgian painter and folklorist Niko Pirosmani’s work have also been put on display.

“China is a very important market for Georgian wine, as sales are growing each year. In 2015, exports reached 2.6 million bottles, or a 122 per cent increase over the previous year. China is the fourth largest importer of Georgian wine and we want to increase exports, while guaranteeing that the quality of the wine remains high,“ said National Wine Agency Chairman Giorgi Samanishvili.

The pavilion, known as Tamada (or toast master in Georgian), is the second such center to open in China.

In July 2015 Georgia opened a promotional center and cellar in China’s capital Beijing, and three centers in China’s Xinjiang province.

Xinjiang Beifaing Jianda Trade Co., LTD has thus far opened nine wine facilities across China, where visitors are introduced to the 8,000 year-old viticulture of Georgia.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas waller

29 March 2016 22:19