The 2nd Edition of Georgia Today Education is out NOW!

Packed full of inspiring and entertaining stories, students and teachers are guaranteed to find something they want to Read. Learn. Enjoy.

Meet British billionaire Sir Richard Branson and learn how he made his fame and fortune starting with a magazine and a dream. Alongside him you can learn about a number of young Georgian entrepreneurs who have set up their own businesses to help their local communities. Find out more about the 1.8 million year-old Dmanisi skull and how it changed our perception of human evolution, meet our Editor-in-Chief, a published Vampire Author, and discover how Earth Hour was celebrated in Tbilisi and around the world. On that ecological theme, we hear from two pupils living in Pankisi Gorge and get their take on the damage we humans are doing to the environment. Learn new words, get new info and think critically.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your copy of Georgia Today Education now! Pick up a copy at any Biblus store or order on 2 29 59 19.

Katie Ruth Davies

09 April 2016 10:02