Georgia to Go Solar

Asolar power plant is to be built in Gardabani, eastern Georgia. Solar potential studies have already begun, according to the Ministry of Energy, which signed a Memorandum with the ‘Solar Energy Company’ for construction, ownership and operation of the future power plant.

According to the Memorandum, within 12 months the company must carry out a feasibility study and public discussions in Gardabani, prepare a report on the environmental impact assessment, and submit the relevant proposal of power plant construction to the Ministry of Energy of Georgia.

The solar power plant is expected to have an annual capacity of 120 million kilowatt hours while the total investment of the project is USD 120 million. The generated electricity is to be solely for the Georgian market.

The Solar Energy Company is a representative of the American company Headwall Power International which has many years’ experience in the field of alternative energies.

Ana Akhalaia

11 April 2016 17:12