Katie Melua to Support Tbilisi Flood Victims

After the devastating flood in Tbilisi, both in Georgia and abroad, people united to support those who were affected by the disaster.

Famous Georgian UK-based singer Katie Melua is one of the many to offer support to Tbilisi’s flood victims and she plans to perform a charity concert to help her Tbilisi hometown.

As Georgian society in the UK announced, Melua will perform a charity concert in London. The concert will be held on June 21 and all money raised will be donated to a Tbilisi flood relief fund.

Besides her career as singer, Melua is known for her charity work. Katie is patron of Fair Trees (www.fairtreesfund.com), the organization that is trying to stop the exploitation of cone pickers in Ambrolauri, Georgia, by the European Christmas tree industry. Katie is also a patron of the Manx Cancer Help charity, which offers support to cancer sufferers and is based on the Isle of Man.

Other initiatives will also be held in the UK to raise money for the flood victims.

Madona Kobalia, a board member of the Georgian Community in the UK, is participating in a nine Kilometer fun-run on June 19 to support people affected by the flood. Also, Georgian restaurant Tamada in London will be hosting a charity event on the 28th of June, with multiple live performers to help Georgian people who became homeless after the flood. They also have Tamada Fund (www.tamadafund.com) where people can donate.

What’s more, on June 26, Melua and her friends in the UK will host a charity exhibition where Georgian food, wine and souvenirs will be sold. The money raised will also go to the relief fund.

Nino Melikishvili

18 June 2015 22:48